• Grow plants


    • ・Department of Agricultural Biology
    • ・Department of Applied Biological Chemistry
    • ・Department of Environmental Sciences and Technology
  • Brainstorming college students


    • ・Department of Global Business
  • College student calculating with a calculator


    • ・Department of Economics
  • Three college students making blueprints


    • ・Division of Aerospace and Marine-System Engineering
    • ・Division of Mechanical Engineering
    • ・Division of Urban Engineering
    • ・Division of Physics and Electronics
    • ・Division of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    • ・Division of Science and Engineering for Materials, Chemistry and Biology
    • ・Division of Quantum and Radiation Engineering
  • A woman places the subject in a petri dish

    Human Life and Ecology

    • ・Division of Human Life and Ecology
  • Creating programs


    • ・Department of Core Informatics
    • ・Department of Interdisciplinary Informatics
  • Law and justice


    • ・Department of Law and Political Science
    • ・Law School
  • pile of books

    Literature and Human Sciences

    • ・Department of Philosophy and History
    • ・Department of Human Behavioral Sciences
    • ・Department of Language and Culture
    • ・Department of Cultural Management
  • Doctor with tablet


    • ・Department of Medical Science
    • ・Department of Basic Medical Science
    • ・Department of Clinical Medical Science
  • Blood pressure measurement


    • ・Department of Nursing
  • Rehabilitating men and supporting women

    Rehabilitation Science

    • ・Division of Rehabilitation Science
  • Chemist shaking the flask


    • ・Department of Mathematics
    • ・Department of Physics
    • ・Department of Chemistry
    • ・Department of Biology
    • ・Department of Geosciences
    • ・Department of Biological Chemistry
  • Reading the statistics

    Sustainable System Sciences

    • ・Division of Sustainable System Sciences
  • participate in a meeting

    Urban Management

    • ・Department of Urban Management
  • Woman looking through a microscope

    Veterinary Science

    • ・Department of Veterinary Science