Graduate School of Engineering

Using the world’s abundant knowledge and latest technology to create a sustainable society

The Graduate School of Engineering emphasizes the quest for truth and creation of knowledge in the field of engineering, which is a fusion of science and technology, and seeks to develop science and technology that are harmonized with the natural environment. The principle of education and research in this School is to solve various issues in a multifaceted manner from a terrestrial perspective oriented towards the creation of cities for the next generation, and to contribute, through engineering, to the development of a sustainable society and creation of culture through remarkable academia, technology and the creation of new industries.

Major name

Course — Division of Aerospace and Marine-System Engineering

Course — Division of Mechanical Engineering

Course — Division of Urban Engineering

Course — Division of Physics and Electronics

Course — Division of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Course — Division of Science and Engineering for Materials, Chemistry and Biology

Course — Division of Quantum and Radiation Engineering