Graduate School of Informatics

Equipping you with the ability to apply information across disciplines with systematic thinking to become an intellectual professional

In the Graduate School of Informatics, new “knowledge” is created by combining various sectors related to informatics, organically fusing them various academic disciplines, while centering on artificial intelligence and data analysis. The School also cultivates human resources who can solve global social challenges and aims to communicate innovative research. By independently capturing information that serves as the foundation of communication seeking the truth/principle related to information, defining an academic framework that aims to establish technology that handles information as a “basic information system” and the academic framework related to interdisciplinary fusion and development with not only natural sciences but also humanities and social sciences as an “interdisciplinary information system”, the School educates and researches a broad array of sectors related to informatics, with informatics made up of the “basic information system” and “interdisciplinary information system” as the basis for “creation of new knowledge”.

Major name

Course — Department of Core Informatics

Course — Department of Interdisciplinary Informatics