Graduate School of Literature and Human Sciences

Curiosity for the culture that arises amongst humans and understanding through inquisitiveness

The Graduate School of Literature and Human Sciences contributes broadly to society by embracing a broad research system spanning from the basics to application and across disciplines in order to support an extremely complex, new era, deeply inquiring after the truth at the forefront of social evolution, and by using these results to foster researchers and highly-skilled experts. In today’s unpredictable, highly knowledge-based society that continues to become globalized, the Graduate School will foster the ability to identify the essence of social challenges based on a critical way of thinking, while being aware of one’s own greatness and possibilities, respecting all others as a valuable existence, and collaborating with various people.

Major name

Course — Department of Philosophy and History

Course — Department of Human Behavioral Sciences

Course — Department of Language and Culture

Course — Department of Cultural Management