Graduate School of Veterinary Science

Animals, people and the environment coexisting and prospering through our expertise in animal medicine

Modern society is overflowing with stress factors, and sophistication of medical care of pets, which are family members, is sought after. Furthermore, various issues related to the welfare and safety of local society, such as the threat of amphixenosis resulting from increased movement and logistics of people and animals associated with the activation of international exchange; increase in zoonosis due to large-scale breeding of animals used for food; greater efficiency of productivity of animal products and development of new medicine using biotechnology; and safety evaluations of food and medicine, are becoming manifested. Based on such a background, the concept of OneHealth to establish health and soundness of humans, animals and the environment interdependently for the first time was proposed. In this Graduate School, we cover comprehensive fields of advanced animal science to solve the abovementioned issues, and aim to foster human resources who contribute to sophisticated and advanced veterinary medicine, exploration of the structures and functions of animals, food safety and prevention of infectious diseases, as well as sophisticated and advanced medical care.

Major name

Course — Department of Veterinary Science