Our People

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Graduate School of Literature and Human Sciences

Cognitive Psychology Lab, Department of Psychology

Name Hiroshi YAMA, Professor
Keywords thinking, reasoning, cross-cultural study, dual-process theory, rationality

Graduate School of Informatics

Systems Control Group

Name Kai CAI, Associate Professor
Keywords Systems Control, Cyber-Physical Systems, Multi-Agent Systems, Data-Driven Control, Robotic Networks

Harumi Murakami Laboratory

Name Harumi MURAKAMI, Professor
Keywords Information Retrieval, Artificial Intelligence, User Interface

Murakami Laboratory

Name Harumi MURAKAMI, Professor
Keywords Information Retrieval, Artificial Intelligence, User Interface

Graduate School of Science

Elementary Excitation Physics Laboratory

Name Makoto TSUBOTA, Professor
Keywords Low temperature physics Superfluid helium, Cold atoms, Quantum turbulence, Quantum hydrodynamics

Cosmic Ray Physics laboratory, Department of Physics,

Name Shoichi OGIO, Professor
Keywords cosmic ray physics, ultra high energy cosmic ray, astroparticle physics, extensive air shower

Structural Materials Science Labo , Department of Physical Science,

Name Yoshiki KUBOTA, Professor
Keywords Crystal structure analysis, X-ray diffraction, Synchrotron radiation

Ultracold Quantum Gas Lab.

Name Shin INOUYE, Professor
Keywords cold atoms, laser cooing, Bose-Einstein Condensate, quantum degenerate gas

Hideyuki Ishi’s laboratory

Name Hideyuki ISHI, Professor
Keywords Lie group, harmonic analysis, unitary representation, complex geometry, mathematical statistics

Molecular Physical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry

Name Kazunobu SATO, Professor
Keywords Molecular Magnetism, Molecular Spin Quantum Technology, Advanced Electron Spin Resonance,
Quantum Chemical Calculation, Quantum Chemistry on Quantum Computers

Bio-functional molecular design Laboratory, Division of materials chemistry

Name Hiroshi NAKAJIMA, Professor
Keywords Biocompatible materials, Eco-friendly catalysts, Protein-metal complex clathrate,
Multinuclear metal complexes

Advanced Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

Name Yasuyuki TSUBOI, Professor
Ken-ichi YUYAMA, Lecturer
Keywords Optical trapping, Photochemistry, Spectroscopy, Nanomaterials, Colloid

Organic Reaction Chemistry Laboratory

Name Tetsuya SATOH, Professor
Keywords Organic Synthesis, Transition-metal Catalysis, C-H Functionalization,Bioactive Molecules,
Natural Product Synthesis

Hybrid Molecular Chemistry Moriuchi Group

Name Toshiyuki MORIUCHI, Professor
Masumi ITAZAKI, Lecturer

Hybrid Molecular System, Functional Complexes, Catalytic System, Bioorganometallic Compounds,
π-Conjugated Molecules

Physical Organic Chemistry, Division of Molecular Materials Science

Name Masatoshi KOZAKI, Professor
Keywords organic chemistry, organic materials, polymer materials

Physical Organic Chemistry Research Group (Matsubara Laboratory),  Department of Chemistry

Name Hiroshi MATSUBARA, Professor
Keywords Fluorous chemistry, Computational chemistry, Halogen chemistry,
Organic cathode active material, Lithium ion battery

Laboratory of Functional Plant Ecology

Name Akira ITOH, Professor
Keywords Ecology, plant, forest, diversity,evolution

Cell Function, Miyata Lab

Name Makoto MIYATA, Professor
Keywords Motility evolution, Class Mollicutes, Mycoplasma gliding, Spiroplasma swimming, Molecular mechanism

Graduate School of Engineering

Department of Electrical and Information Systems, Power System Research Group

Name Atsushi ISHIGMAME, Professor
Yoshihiko SUSUKI, Associate Professor
Satoshi TAKAYAMA, Senior Lecturer
Keywords Power Systems, Energy Systems

Intelligent Media Processing Laboratory, Department of Computer Science and Intelligent Systems

Name Koichi KISE, Professor
Masakazu IWAMURA, Associate Professor
Keywords Learning augmentation, Comic computing, Assistance for visually impaired people, Plant image analysis, Deep learning

Computational Intelligence Laboratory,Department of Computer Science and Intelligent Systems

Name Yusuke NOJIMA, Professor
Naoki MASUYAMA, Assistant Professor
Keywords Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization, Evolutionary Data Mining, Continual Learning, Knowledge Extraction

Laboratory of Materials Science and Nanotechnology,Department of Materials Science

Name Masahide TAKAHASHI, Professor
Kenji Okada, Associate Professor
Keywords Organic-inorganic hybrid materials, Nano materials, Responsive materials, Solution process

Graduate School of Engineering  Department of Materials Science    Hybrid Nanomaterials Laboratory

Name Rie MAKIURA, Associate Professor
Keywords Nanomaterials, 2D materials, Hybrids, Metal-organic frameworks (MOF), Energy materials

Xu Lab (Nano Chemical Systems Engineering Group), Department of Chemical Engineering

Name Yan XU, Associate Professor
Keywords Nanofluidics, Microfluidics, Lab on a Chip, Nanomedicine, Analytical Chemistry

Laboratory of Biopolymer Chemistry, Department of Applied Chemistry

Name Atsushi HARADA, Professor
Eiji YUBA, Associate professor
Yukiya KITAYAMA, Assistant professor
Keywords Drug delivery system, Nanomedicine, Biomacromolecules, Stimuli-responsive polymers

Physical Organic Chemistry Research Group (Hiroshi IKEDA Laboratory)Department of Applied Chemistry

Name Hiroshi IKEDA, Professor
Yasunori MATSUI, Associate Professor
Keywords Organic Chemistry, Organic Photochemistry, Electron Transfer, Organic Electronics, Time-resolved Spectroscopy

Department of Applied Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Group

Name Akitoshi HAYASHI, Professor
Keywords glass, ceramics,solid electrolyte, all-solid-state battery, mechanochemistry

Electrochemistry group, Department of Applied Chemistry

Name Hiroshi INOUE, Professor
Eiji HIGUCHI, Associate Professor
Masanobu CHIKU, Associate Professor
Keywords Rechargeable battery, Fuel Cell, Capacitor, Electrocatalyst,Hydrogen generation/storage/utilization

Industrial and Engineering Materials Laboratory, Department of Materials Science, Division of Materials Science and Engineering,

Name Hiroshi NUMAKURA, Professor
Ryusuke NAKAMURA, Associate professor
Keywords Microstructure, Defects and diffusion, Thermodynamics and kinetics, Dynamic mechanical spectrometry, Light elements in iron and steel

Department of Chemical Engineering, Process Systems Engineering Group

Name Satoru WATANO, Professor
Hideya NAKAMURA, Associate Professor
Shuji OHSAKI, Assistant professor
Keywords Powder technology, Particle science

Department of physics and electronics, Physics of novel device group

Name Norifumi FUJIMURA, Professor
Takeshi YOSHIMURA, Associate Professor
Daisuke KIRIYA, Associate Professor
Keywords Functional electronic materials, Functional microdevices, novel logic devices, thin film, ferroelectrics, 2D materials

Graduate School of Agriculture

Virus team in the Plant Pathology Group

Name Tomofumi MOCHIZUKI, Associate Professor
Keywords Plant virus, Plant pathology, Virus engineering, Virus virulence, Virus ecology

Laboratory of Nutrition Chemistry

Name Ryoichi YAMAJI, Professor
Naoki HARADA, Associate Professor
Keywords Functional Food Factors, Molecular Nutrition, Skeletal Muscle, Lifestyle Diseases, Molecular Targets

Plant Molecular Breeding Research Group

Name Nozomu KOIZUMI, Professor
Kei-ichiro MISHIBA, Associate Professor
Yuji IWATA, Associate Professor
Keywords plant, endoplasmic reticulum, unfolded protein response, microRNA, Dicer

Graduate School of Veterinary Science

Laboratory of Theriogenology

Name Noritoshi KAWATE, Professor
Keywords reproductive endocrinology, cattle, goat, ovary, testis

Laboratory of Veterinary Internal Medicine

Name Kazumi SASAI, Professor
Keywords Dermatology, Zoonosis, Cryptosporidium, Coccidia, Monoclonal antibody

Laboratory of Veterinary Pathology

Name Mitsuru KUWAMURA, Professor
Takeshi IZAWA, Associate Professor
Keywords Diagnostic Pathology, Experimental Pathology, Toxicologic Pathology, Neuropathology, Liver pathology