Our People

07 Jun. 2021


Graduate School of Veterinary Science

Asmaa Elbastawesy


About my research

I am investigating how to use therapy to help us overcome microorganisms that develop antimicrobial resistance. I plan on returning home to enrich my home institution with what I have learned here and to provide others with an opportunity to study at this university.

Research Environment

This university has very well-known professors in my field releasing some strong publications. This was the key motivating factor to come here. I think my favorite thing about my experience here has been all the fun I have had with my colleagues in the school cafeteria, whether it be to celebrate a recent success with a party, or to just talk about things over lunch.

Message to other international students

The surrounding area of this university has provided me with all the elements needed for daily life as a researcher in Japan. In addition to language lessons to help me better understand and integrate into Japanese culture, I have found shops that provide authentic goods from my home country. It is very comforting to know that all walks of life can be supported here.