Our People

07 Jun. 2021


Graduate School of Engineering

Harhivaanan Harikrishnan


About my research

I classify sediment particles in water through separating their signals from the water’s current velocity using a machine called acoustic Doppler current profiler. This can be applied to monitoring the ocean and by field-work researchers.

Research Environment

This university is part of the fast moving and advanced field of marine engineering in Japan. Here, the bond between researcher and professor is very tight. My professors keep me motivated to stay focused on my research and avoid many distractions.

Message to other international students

I had spent 7 years in Japan as a child, so it was natural for me to return here to pursue my research studies. It has been very enjoyable to see my view of my home culture of Malaysia change and evolve as I become more acquainted with the Japanese people. I recommend this experience to everyone.