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10 Mar. 2021


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Graduate School of Science



Research Activities

This university is the only one in Japan where the Nobel Prize winner in Physics, Professor Yoichiro Nambu, taught as a professor. Our research interests include theoretical particle physics, which is Professor Nambu’s main research area, and they are formulated by quantum field theory and superstring theory. In other words, we carry out basic research on topics such as cosmological constant, and unification of forces in nature and, at the same time, investigate the structure of such theory itself.

One of the fascinating aspects of theoretical particle physics is that it can predict phenomena that are not known experimentally at given moment. We would like to contribute to the advancement of theoretical physics by being able to predict some of these phenomena that have yet to be clarified.

Message to international students and young researchers

Our university is also home to the Nambu Yoichiro Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics. Here you will gain experience in graduate school and build a foundation that is as good as any in Europe or the United States, and that you will play a role in elucidating physical phenomena that we have not been able to achieve.