Our People

09 Mar. 2021


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Graduate School of Informatics

Koichi KISE


About our research

We are working on two major research projects. The first is the estimation of confidence using eye gaze data.

This is a system that measures whether you have solved a practice problem with confidence, and whether you have answered it correctly and confidently. This is expected to help you review better.

Another is the vocabulometer. This is a system that measures the vocabulary of your English learning via your smartphone and estimates what kind of things you can read to improve your English based on the estimated vocabulary.

Research Environment

Our laboratory is characterized by its international research and close research cooperation with Germany, France, and Australia. We have many international students, and there was a year when about 10 French students came to our laboratory.

There is also a system for students to support each other.

Message to international students and young researchers

There are many people who started programming after entering university, so it is important to think about how much you like informatics. Informatics is a field in which young people have an active role. Please come if you want to use information technology to change the world, or if you want to play an active role abroad.