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09 Mar. 2021


picture of Le Thi Thanh Thuy_2

Graduate School of Medicine

Le Thi Thanh Thuy

Specially Appointed Lecturer

About my research

I am investigating several molecules which are involved with liver disease, such as liver fibrosis and cancer. I hope to establish a therapeutic agent for anti-liver fibrosis using a peptide which was originally discovered by Prof. Kawada. We are now on our way to clinical trials. Our next goal is to find a new way to treat pancreatic cancer. We collaborate with several universities in the U.S., Vietnam, and Thailand. We want to open up more collaborations.

Research Environment

In the lab we mostly use English and Japanese for studying and communication. During PhD course, the students study, write papers, and attend seminars and presentations in English, so we follow some standards for English conversation. For daily life we use Japanese to make friends and communicate with all members in our lab.

Message to international students and young researchers

Osaka people are very friendly. Every foreigner who comes to study or start a new life may worry about a new environment but actually, you can be very safe and get a lot of support from the university, its professors and even the city officers, both for you and your family members. For students and researchers who are interested in our university, I would like to say come here and join us. We will nurture your dream and make it become true.