Our People

09 Mar. 2021


picture of Masakazu ARIMA_2

Graduate School of Engineering

Masakazu ARIMA


About our research

We are engaged in research on underwater robotics, human factors, and ocean policy science. In underwater robotics, we develop autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), mainly underwater gliders and autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs), and multi-channel underwater acoustic monitoring systems. In human factors, we conduct physiological and psychological measurements such as electrocardiograms and facial expressions to establish preventative safety technologies, design comfortable vessels and protect divers from unexpected accidents. In ocean policy science, we analyse documents of the Basic Act on Ocean Policy and the Basic Plan on Ocean Policy.


In our laboratory, we conduct experiments with other universities and various facilities in Japan, and we also conduct field research in the actual ocean, such as Kagoshima Bay, off-Rausu or Prince William Sound in Alaska, USA. The most important feature of our laboratory is that we create intelligent robots from scratch that do not exist in the world and we create high-performance products.

Message to international students and young researchers

Making a robot is not the end of the story, but what you do with it is what is important. To do this, students from various fields such as biology, psychology, medical science, and comprehensive rehabilitation need to cooperate with each other. I would like to see people with diverse perspectives who have a spirit of challenge.