Our People

07 Jun. 2021


Graduate School of Engineering

Sengsavang Aphayvong


About my research

My research involves converting any kind of vibration into electricity using a material called piezoelectric. Specifically, I am focusing on converting natural human movement into electricity that can used to charge our portable devices.

Research Environment

I came to this university because it offers all the facilities I need for success. From equipment to measure to equipment to manufacture, I have been able to see my research come to life. My lab also offered me a place to get to know the culture of Japan. My Japanese communication skills about daily life improved, helping me become a contributing member of Japanese society.

Message to other international students

This university is in Osaka, Japan.  It has been a very smooth and fun experience settling down into Osaka. It has all the conveniences of a modern city, with a relaxed and friendly vibe. I invite everyone to come study here.