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09 Mar. 2021


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Graduate School of Science

Shin Inouye


Contents of Research

We are studying the properties of ultracold atomic gases cooled by lasers. Laser-cooling allows us to achieve extremely low temperatures, such as 0.000001 degrees above absolute zero. Using atoms at such low temperatures, we can study purely quantum mechanical phenomena, such as superfluidity and superconductivity in ideal environment.

Recently, we have succeeded in combining two laser-cooled atoms to form an ultracold molecule. By using the ultracold molecules, we were able to perform very precise spectroscopy and determine whether the fundamental constants were really constant over time. We succeeded in setting a new world record in measurement precision.

Message for international students and young researchers

For both graduate students and researchers, it is very important to know what kind of environment you will be working in. I think you should choose a university like ours, where you can do cutting-edge research.