Our People

07 Jun. 2021


Graduate School of Business

Yixuan Bai


About my research

I am in the Graduate School of Business. I study Asian business in Japan and China, and am currently researching the business model of small and medium-sized restaurants in famous tourist destinations. I want to know whether small and medium-sized restaurant businesses can increase their own service and sales.

Research Environment

As a graduate student, I need a lot of books and materials for my review of previous research and literature in my field. Our library has a very large collection of books, so you can easily find the books you want to read. There is also a section of recommended books for university students, and you reserve rooms in the library, for your own personal use. I can really concentrate on my own research there!

Message to other international students

I graduated from a university in China with a major in Japanese language, and then studied at another university in Japan for a year or two. Then, I enrolled in this university. If there is something you want to try, please do it. As long as you have the will, there is nothing you can’t accomplish.